Make a Splash! Share for the Ocean

Let’s make sure that the world pays attention to the ocean this June 8th–by making a wave across the internet! Join people around the world by sharing for the ocean on your social media sites.

Do a Little

Just make a post about how June 8th is World Oceans Day! Tell a fact, or a tip, about how people can help. Tag us @World Oceans Day on Facebook and @CelebrateOceans on Twitter so they can get more info.

Get the World Oceans Day Twibbon! Show your support by adding a World Oceans Day badge to your Twitter icon with a click.

Make a Splash!

Join us in a BIG WAY pledging to help the ocean and snapping a shot to share with the world.

  • Make a sign with one thing you pledge to do in order to help the ocean! Make sure it says #WorldOceansDay on it. This can be a simple marker on printer paper sign, written in the beach sand, spelled out in sign language–use your imagination!
  • Pose with your awesome sign: in your house, backyard, nearby river or beach, anywhere!
  • Take a picture or video
  • POST your picture or video and share with the world! You can post it on your profile and tag us @World Oceans Day on Facebook and @CelebrateOceans on Twitter; or you can post it directly on the World Oceans Day Facebook page
  • Are you on Flickr? Upload to our Group!


Please spread the word! We want to make sure the ocean gets all the attention possible on its special day. Better yet–use your post to tell your followers and friends what they can do to help the ocean on June 8th.

Are you in the UK? Join in the Sea Urchins Mag social media splash! Check them out You can contact Sam Hewitt for more info.
Not sure what to pledge? Try one of these!:

  • I pledge to buy sustainable fish
  • I pledge to ask my local grocer to stock sustainable seafood
  • I pledge to not eat meat on Mondays
  • I pledge to bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • I pledge to get a reusable water bottle
  • I pledge to bike to work one day a week instead of drive
  • I pledge to shop a thrift store first instead of buying new
  • I pledge to buy local food first


Use Social Media

Social media is a great, low-cost way to spread the word about your event. Here we have some pre-made images, tweets, and blog posts you can use freely. We do ask that if you post a blog, link back so we know they’re useful!