Make a promise for the ocean

Make a promise for the ocean

Join us in making a photo pledge to change ONE thing in your life for a healthier ocean

I promise to ditch “disposable” plastic bags for #WorldOceansDay!

Alyssa Isakower, World Oceans Day Coordinator

We can’t wait to see what you’re doing – or planning to do – to help the ocean. You can make a sign with your promise, or just take a photo of yourself somewhere special! Just mention your promise in the text of your post.

We want everyone to get involved! Don’t have a way to share your photo? Just email it to us and we’ll do the rest.


World Oceans Day event organizers
World Oceans Day event organizers – visit this page for tips on how to ask for promises at your event. Help everyone who attends your event take ocean conservation personally!


Not sure what to promise?

Here’s what other people are doing:Promise coloring page

  • I promise to not eat meat on Mondays
  • I promise to bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • I promise to get a reusable water bottle
  • I promise to shop a thrift store first instead of buying new
  • I promise to take shorter showers.
  • I promise to take public transportation to school/work once a week.
  • I promise to only eat sustainably harvested seafood.
  • I promise to unplug my chargers when I’m not using them.
  • I promise to shut off all the lights and the heat or A/C when I leave my house.
  • I promise to participate in a litter clean-up.
  • I promise to not use toxic pesticides on my lawn.


How to tag us

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Promise and win

We’re giving out prizes to the most stand-out promises!

  • Best organizational promise: we’ll give your organization’s page a shoutout on our Facebook and Twitter! With over 27,000 followers and growing you’ll get some well deserved attention.
  • Stand-out promise at a zoo, aquarium or museum: wins a World Oceans Day t-shirt
  • Funniest or shocking promise: Get quirky and you could win a World Oceans Day t-shirt and social media shout out.


A few of the pledges

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