An Ocean of Sound

Online Event

Organized by Newcastle University

This is an online audio workbook, particularly focussing on marine mammal and cetacean calls. The aim is to introduce people to the wonderful and diverse selection of sounds within our oceans. Part of an ongoing experimental creative project between Newcastle University and the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT), these underwater audio recordings are sourced from field trips to the Outer Hebrides or live-streamed from the Northumberland coast. We are inviting listeners to imagine the world from an oceanic perspective. The original sound installation would have been at Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle Upon Tyne) and featured multiple works for headphones, film excerpts and a uniquely constructed 'sound dome' to immerse listeners in the underwater soundscape. Curated by David de la Haye, this event is supported by Newcastle University's Institute for Creative Arts Practice.

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